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What Is J-Plasma?
J-Plasma is a cutting-edge procedure that utilizes a combination of cold helium plasma and RF energy. It is applied to the underside of the skin to instantly rejuvenate and tighten it! Furthermore, since helium gas is considered to be very stable, it can be ionized at very low energies. This ensures a safe, precise, and flexible delivery, resulting in virtually immediate results with little to no downtime recovery.

How does it work?

As mentioned, J-Plasma utilizes a combination of cold helium plasma and RF energy. Essentially, the helium gas produces a precise “cold” flame that is used to stimulate new facial skin growth. This helium gas also focuses the RF energy for a higher level of precision. During your treatment, no surrounding tissue will be damaged. The length of treatment may vary but it typically lasts for about 45 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia. Majority of patients only need a single J-Plasma treatment! Results are immediate and typically lasts for years.

What are the benefits of J-Plasma?
Some of the many benefits of our J-Plasma procedure at Alliance Cosmetic Center include:

  • Reduction of fine lines, forehead lines, and wrinkles (including crow’s feet around the eyes)
  • Getting rid of age spots and freckles
  • Skin tightening (around the lips and eyes; loose skin around the jawline and cheeks)
  • Improvement of uneven skin tone
  • Corrects lines around the mouth caused by smoking
  • Reduction of skin scarring
  • Corrects irregular pigmentation
  • Treats melisma, sun spots, acne scars, and age spots
  • Minimal downtime and fast recovery
  • Natural-looking results
  • No large incisions or revealing scars
  • Can be used to treat various areas of the body
  • Can be used for total body skin tightening alone or with procedures like liposuction

So, if you want smoother, tighter skin, and a more youthful appearance, J-Plasma might be the perfect treatment for you.

If you have questions about this treatment, please contact us at 856-764-7660. For a more detailed discussion, we encourage you to schedule a consultation now.


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